"The white tub" is a further strengthened reinforced concrete structure which, in addition to its static and support function, also has a moisture-proof function without a special sealing layer. 


Although classical sealing techniques are still useful and correct, only in a small number of cases are they an alternative to coating-free waterproofing.

The constrictions usually include hydrological soil conditions and high material and operating costs.

Contrary to other forms of sealing, the "white tub" optimizes the construction schedule and costs, is durable, resistant to aging, does not require maintenance, but to fulfill its function, careful planning and execution are necessary.


Advantages of "the white tub":

  • effective sealing without the need for waterproofing coating

  • frost resistance and water tightness

  • protection of reinforcement against corrosion

  • resistance to mechanical damage

  • resistance to root penetration


The other methods of waterproofing such as "white flat ceiling" and "white ceiling" are based on similar assumptions


  • Crystallization systems

  • Bituminous and mineral insulation systems

  • Waterproofing grouts systems

  • Swelling insulating systems: bentonite-haloysite mats, swelling tapes

  • Point and curtain injections

  • Pressurised and non-pressure injections

  • Renovation plasters - horizontal skirt

  • Pressurized injection hoses

  • Membranes and EPDM films

  • TPO and PVC roof membranes


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