Water punishes ruthlessly and each, even the smallest error in design, or even more in implementation, results in leaks or dampness. Therefore the priority should be the long-term effectiveness of applied technical solutions. Experienced investors know how many financially quantifiable problems this dampness can cause in selling or renting buildings, flats or rooms. We will find the most efficient and financially sound technical solutions for you. 


As the first company in the market, we offer the most favorable technical solutions, taking into account solely no-coating waterproofing, but without excluding the possibility of its connection with other types of waterproofing in justified cases.

We offer comprehensive technical solutions based on the analysis of the adopted design solutions and the merits of the various products and systems, while taking into consideration the expectations and decisions of our Clients, Designers and Investors.


We offer to our clients:

  • Design and realization of no-coating waterproofing, so-called "white tubs" and "white ceilings"

  • Design and implementation of waterproofing in coating technologies, crystallizing and swelling - insulating

  • Design and implementation of hybrid waterproofing i.e. the combination of different technologies in justified cases

  • Performing injection and sealing works in existing facilities

  • Technical consultancy on choosing the technically and economically optimal solution

  • Providing a guarantee for the entire waterproofing in the building

  • Attractive prices


It is beneficial to contract one business entity responsible for the effectiveness of all
waterproofing solutions on a building site.




Kraków Branch

ul. Piastowska 44c, 30-070 Kraków

tel: 012 639 19 70 wew. 77

mail: pawel.gora@kpbcracovia.pl



Filia Wrocław

ul. Lekcyjna 142a, 51-169 Wrocław

tel: 667 010 311

mail: pawel.gora@kpbcracovia.pl

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No-coating waterproof insulation "white tub" and "white ceiling" mean:

  • effective sealing without the need for waterproof coating

  • frost and water resistance

  • protection of reinforcement against corrosion

  • resistance to mechanical damage

  • resistance to root penetration


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ul. Piastowska 44c, 31-070 Kraków

tel. 12 639 19 70 wew. 77